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3. July 4th 2012 Fire Works

The day was lazy. To come out of the lazy start, it took some time. But was excited to see fireworks this year at military grounds. Finally started around 7pm, recalling last year fireworks at Huntington Beach.
On the streets,the houses decorated, people partying, distributing sweets and important thing is free offers in stores.It looks so good to see people and kids sitting on roadside in chairs, tents waiting for the fireworks.
As we started late we reached late to the grounds.By the time we reached crossing heavy traffic and queue for parking we both got too hungry. We stood in queue for pretzels and cinnamon roll. It was huge and long queue, but fun standing and seeing around and listening to national songs presented by military trainees.
The spectacular fireworks was sizzling. It was only for just 20 min which was little disappointing. But believe me, the show was spectacular. I tried capturing the beautiful show. Most of the pics turned out to be blurred. I uploaded few which I liked. Hope you like these photographs.


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