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14. Ferrari ki Sawaari

Last night we happened to watch Ferrari ki Sawaari. After a long time darpan was despo to watch this movie as it got Sachin Tendulkar in its reviews.

The movie gives freshness as in munna bhai and 3 idiots. It bears dreams of middle class, ferrari, cricket as a family combo, which makes clean movie for family evening out.

Rustham who is a clerk at RTO and father for a motherless kid Kayo who plays a key role in whole movie. Bomman Irani as a old man delivers awesome performance. And rest all characters justify their roles with balanced performance.

Comedy and drama go in balance throughout the movie.
Twists in the movie are so expectable and few scenes in the movie are beyond real which makes us feel simple and good movie. 

But darpan really missed the real ride with Sachin in his ferrari in movie, which little disappointed him. But I really enjoyed the movie. A good movie to be hang out with family.

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