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15. Cord Neck Laces

These are the simple cord necklaces. Each cord is hung by a beautiful stone pendants.

As you see in the pictures, I used 3 different colored cords for each necklace like Black, Brown, Beige. Out of all only 2 necklaces are multi corded and rest all of them are single corded. I have not used any  braiding techniques to finish the necklace, infact I just knotted the cords to place the pendants in place.
The stone collections are from India. It took so long to give them proper shape and usage.
Skull shaped stone, beautiful fish shaped stone and a stone painted with gold and green color are ceramic stones. The other is irregularly shaped silver coated stone. One more is circular black stone surrounded by silver carvings.
Among all of them, carved elephant which is in milk white is my favourite. This particular one is the collection from mysore. The shape of elephant is carved from marble stone.

These cords look very well with simple casual wear(both Indian and Western) and also be prefered to wear on formals too.


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