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22. Jowar Roti

One of my favourite bread Jowar Roti.
Its my first attempt preparing it. My mom used to make once in week. But after coming to US I never got chance to eat. I had thought  it is a tough job to make jowar roti. But finally a fine day I made mind to prepare it. And the attempt was successful. Initially the rotis were little thick but as I got the trick the rotis were in appropriate shape. 
People follow different method. But I followed Vahchef’s recipe. The traditional method follows the hand pressing, means rotis were moulded to shape in using bare hand. It was difficult to manage for me with bare hand so had to use roller. I would like expertise the traditional procedure.
This bread is from North Karnataka. And is very high in fibre and healthy. Lots of people prefer to eat regularly in Summer. This goes with Dal, raita any curries. But I prefer eating this yummy roti with spicy eggplant masala.

Finally Jowar rotis with hot and spicy eggplant masala with crunchy onion bite made my day.

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