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23. Missing great Time

My cousin Swathi’s betrothal ceremony. This time, I desperately wanted to be @ homeland. I was waiting from past one and half. But finally I’m not able to make it. That’s quite disappointing.

My maternal home is completely drenched in wedding mood. I always wanted to be the part of this great time which is awaited for a long time. I missed it.
The time before wedding is all time fun.  Being with the family in such a beautiful time is really a great amusement.

It’s a beautiful time for both bride and groom till their wedding day. For few hours I had gone back to my days before wedding which was so filled with beautiful feelings each and every moment.

I wish both Swathi and Sandeep Congratulations on their engagement. Live each and every moment of this time and experience this beautiful venture.

I have uploaded few of the mobile clicks sent to me.


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