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45. Idli Sambar

Darpan’s favorite Idli sambar, usually I do it, once in 15 days.
I just tried beetroot sambar this time. It came out colorful and yummy.
Finally beetroot sambar with idli became perfect combination.

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44. TIki in Owl

Tikis are symbol of luck. It is said that if you own a tiki, you are blessed with luck, its a Polynesian Culture. The tikis are carvings of humanoid forms but they are scary.
Back in Bangalore, I got a Tiki which was gifted by a friend, I liked the style and design but never gave much attention in learning what it is.
When I visited Hawaii in 2011 winter, was fascinated by the carvings of multifarious tiki statues. More than ever, tikis strike me in that trip. I kinda liked its significance and bought one wooden carved tiki to accompany me @ home. It is hanged on my wall just opposite to main entrance. I’m planning to write about tikis in my blog sometime too.

Lately a thought just struck, “if the tiki is inside own, is it still a good luck?” and started doodling with same motif. Hope you like it.

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42. So Fun So Masti

Fun masti day @ hair gallery and shopping whole evening………
Initially it was lazy morning and turned out to be an awesome day @ hair gallery…..styling hairs all together with friends and clicking pics as soon the hair is done is real convivial.

Hanging out together with same gang after fresh hairstyles @ nice shopping mall without husbands is double frantic……….. It was kinda back to spinsterhood…..
Totally the day was fully us ‘girls’…….

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41. Upma

It is my beloved hatred item, but imposed to cook at least twice a week. This is an affliction I’m facing after wedding. Yes its my dear husbands favorite. He loves it, if I did not cook at least once in a week, he craves for it.

I never liked upma. Whenever my mom makes upma, me and my sister used to cry saying ‘concrete’ ‘concrete’ and run. I remember how my mom used to force us to eat sometimes. 
As soon I learnt its Darpan’s favorite, I regretted  my choice ;)….
I think, even upma knows that I hate it. That is why it took many days for me to understand and cook perfectly.

Whenever I make Upma, I’m filled with all negativity, hatred and sadness. I never knew that an eatable can influence my emotions. Though I make this upma with so much hatred, Darpan like it. He says I have become perfect upma chef. I do not know whether to feel happy or sad for this compliment.

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40. Sidney Sheldon

I’m not a voracious reader, but I like reading. Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite author. I started skimming his books from college times. One of my friend suggested me to check Sidney’s novel, when I first thought of reading.
His novels are filled with feminine energy, which make me feel, “uh h I’m capable of many things”…..
When I first thought of reading novels back in 2003, I never knew I can stick to reading.. After reading my first novel ‘The Best Laid Plans’  I attained what novels are and how they influence on some stranger who reads it.
From then, reading became my habit exploring works of many authors. I read most of Sidney’s books, and even now sometimes I chose his books to read.

I’m always thankful to Sidney Sheldon, who inspired in continuing my reading habit.
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39. Freebie Pase Doodle

Sometimes a piece of work comes without preparation. A proper mood, a piece of paper and pencil fills the plane canvas with some beautiful design. Finally that scrap conveys assumptions to our sense, but here it reflects my emotions, my thoughts of that moment.
This scrap becomes one of the memorable times when I look back in future. My each page of sketchbook is filled with such many moment and one can see my all inner shades while flipping the pages.
Here comes one of such doodle which reflected recently on my sketchbook leaf.
I wanted to design mine and Darpan’s name, but later chose to design first letters of our names. I kinda in very good mood that fine Sunday, and I finished it in few hours.
Hope you like it.

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38. My Cute Blue Umbrella

Finally bought the umbrella which I dreamt off. When I heard about the movie The Blue Umbrella, I found it so silly to know one’s obsession with umbrella but after watching the movie, believe me I fell in love with this pretty thing.
The movie showed the innocent obsession with one fancy umbrella, which inspired me and made me realise to see the beauty in things which we use and see daily. How one can fall in love with the thing which means less for most of our senses and regardless of age and sex, how a man behaves when it comes to our loved things is very well screened. 
I’m looking forward read the book The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond on which the actual movie based on.

I became a fan of Japanese umbrella and I badly needed one.This umbrella was amusing me daily in dreams. Finally one super fine day I found it in a fair, which happened recently in Costa mesa. Now it’s in my home, with me. Check out the pics of my new buddy.

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37. Bisi Bele Bath

Sunday special bisi bisi bele bath. One of my favorite dish. Mom usually used to make during holiday days.

This spicy delicious dish is from Karnataka. With handful of spices and all cut vegetables, the bite of bisi bele bath just melts in mouth. I prefer having  mirchi bajji or pakora as side chat along with boondi and raita. Today I have made onion pakora.

This colorful plate with bisi bele bath, pakora with aloo bhujia and raita, watching some telugu movies made this Sunday perfect.
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36. The Blue Umberella

I never thought an umbrella can play a important role and screen on cinema. Then the filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj made this character screened and wondered the crew. The Blue Umbrella is awesome and pretty movie of Bhardwaj.
The movie is based on Ruskin Bond’s novel with same name. Its a very simple story telling with multiple shades of elements as innocence, greed, loss, isolation, criticism, failure, hurt. Like Nancan Kishore in movie, everyone who watches becomes a kid wanting that beautiful umbrella. The locations and sceneries of HImachal Pradesh are mesmerizing. The beautiful umbrella against the lovely sceneries is a sight catching.
The character in the movie did excellent justice with their brilliant performance. The role Biniya is excellent, Shreya did marvelous job with the innocent and mature attitude. Pankaj Kapoor as Nancan Kishore looks such a wonder on the screen with his awesome performance. I almost cried in few scenes. He is so delight and good in The Blue Umbrella.
One should watch such movies to come across wonderful performances. The music is cool. The cinematography is excellent. This movie upholds pure innocence and goodness of humanitarian spirit. It’s one of the great childrens movie I even watched.