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24. VaraMahalaxmi Friday

The day was fully busy in friend’s house for VaraMahalakshmi Pooja. Got up, got ready, did pooja @ home and started to Shipa’s house. Shilpa is one of my good friends in US. By the time I reached she had completed her main pooja.

We started preparing feast for guests. She had almost prepared everything. I lend my hand in few of the items. Cooking in group is also fun.

Once the cooking was done, all of us started to get ready for arati. When I was in India wearing saree and managing it was a difficult thing but after coming here I eagerly wait to wear saree. I love wearing during festive times. Shilpa also requested all to wear saree. So we all were dressed traditionally in ethnic outfits.

Finally the guests arrived one by one. I got to meet many new faces,  wonderful mothers, pretty kids.

Once everyone arrived, Shilpa started the arati. Varalaxmi Vratham is popularly followed by married women in South India and also few parts of Maharashtra. On this auspicious first Friday of Shravan month, the goddess of wealth and prosperity i.e Laxmi is worshiped. This vruth is mentioned in Skanda Purana.
Few minutes passed with bhajans and aarti setting complete spiritual space around us.

After pooja, we enjoyed the festive feast. Hope you like few of the clicks of the day.


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