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27. PaintBall

Paintball is a game of action, shooting and strategy. Frankly speaking it is a very good fun game. But the weather on sunday made me feel, it as the worst game.  

It was very bright and sunny sunday. Though was sad lately, I acquired all josh to play paintball with our friends. We had to go Jungle Island which is near Lake Elsinore.

After reaching the place was quite excited seeing field with vehicles, camo nets, broken walls, sandbags, bunkers, holes on walls, the guns and gelatin balls containing water soluble dye around gelatin shell which were fluorescent orange in color. But was little disappointed seeing the dress they were renting which stinky and were not well maintained. But was not bothered to wear.
So all set to enter the field. Before we entered, had a solo, group and all fun photo session with each other capturing the moments.
The sad thing is we had to wait for long time in that bright sun, which made us really suffocating in those helmets and heavy stinky outfits. By the time we entered the field, I was half tired and dehydrated but the excitement kept me energized to play.

As we entered, the rules were told by one of the staff and the teams were separated into two (ribbons and non ribbons). So these two teams have to shoot each other.
The first round went really very well after which we had a short lunch break and again set to go for 2nd round. As the sun was too harsh, I couldn’t manage in second round and got to quit the game. But the rest of our team had a great time and fun completing all rounds.
I was not able to click the pictures as I wished but was able to take few. Here are the clicks of deserted Jungle island.


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