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31. Karela Masala

The bitter guard, which I know very little about. I never liked it. But these days I felt like something is missing in my fridge with my foodie vegetables. And it was bitter guard.

I never tried to experiment much with this crooked weird textured vegetable. So thought of giving it a shot. Initial experiment was kind of failure, where I tried to fill the karela with masala, so took some time for the second experiment and was searching for some easy and tasty recipe.
Recently when I had been to one of my good friends Anita, I came across this particular recipe which is easy and makes you love karela.

Here I cut the karela into pieces removing its skin. Later boiled it with buttermilk adding salt and turmeric. After boiling, drained out the buttermilk from cut pieces and deep fried in oil and added the spices with tamarind and little sugar.

Believe me, it came out really well. Bitter taste slightly touched with sourness and
sweetness drooled my mouth. Hope you too like it. Lets try and enjoy karela.
Few of the karela masala pics.


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