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32. The Dark Knight Rises

The dark knight rises is the most awaited movie. I wanted to watch it as soon as it released, but got delayed for some reasons.
This movie did not disappoint me. It has everything I expected. The story is very well knitted and screen played. Though it is little exaggerated for initial half hour, for the next two and fifteen minutes, you don’t take your eyes off the screen.
I felt the Batman character in the story got weaker, but Bruce Wayne without mask did splendid job.
Loved the Joseph Gordon who played Blake as a cop and screened awesome performance.
Character Bane is very well executed but the magnified voice did not work that well. Tom Hardy very well justified his character. The Batman always had a powerful villains, which I love the most. I can never forget the Joker from The Dark Knight.
I feIt The Dark Knight was better, but the Rises is well screened. It has the glimpses from previous movie and gives a perfect end.
The special effects, soundtrack, action sequences were as usual out of  expectation. The teams efforts are quite visible on the screen.

The Batman took its place as one of the best trilogy of all time. Finally I congratulate Christopher Nolan for rendering Batsman in an excellent manner.

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