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36. The Blue Umberella

I never thought an umbrella can play a important role and screen on cinema. Then the filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj made this character screened and wondered the crew. The Blue Umbrella is awesome and pretty movie of Bhardwaj.
The movie is based on Ruskin Bond’s novel with same name. Its a very simple story telling with multiple shades of elements as innocence, greed, loss, isolation, criticism, failure, hurt. Like Nancan Kishore in movie, everyone who watches becomes a kid wanting that beautiful umbrella. The locations and sceneries of HImachal Pradesh are mesmerizing. The beautiful umbrella against the lovely sceneries is a sight catching.
The character in the movie did excellent justice with their brilliant performance. The role Biniya is excellent, Shreya did marvelous job with the innocent and mature attitude. Pankaj Kapoor as Nancan Kishore looks such a wonder on the screen with his awesome performance. I almost cried in few scenes. He is so delight and good in The Blue Umbrella.
One should watch such movies to come across wonderful performances. The music is cool. The cinematography is excellent. This movie upholds pure innocence and goodness of humanitarian spirit. It’s one of the great childrens movie I even watched.


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