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38. My Cute Blue Umbrella

Finally bought the umbrella which I dreamt off. When I heard about the movie The Blue Umbrella, I found it so silly to know one’s obsession with umbrella but after watching the movie, believe me I fell in love with this pretty thing.
The movie showed the innocent obsession with one fancy umbrella, which inspired me and made me realise to see the beauty in things which we use and see daily. How one can fall in love with the thing which means less for most of our senses and regardless of age and sex, how a man behaves when it comes to our loved things is very well screened. 
I’m looking forward read the book The Blue Umbrella by Ruskin Bond on which the actual movie based on.

I became a fan of Japanese umbrella and I badly needed one.This umbrella was amusing me daily in dreams. Finally one super fine day I found it in a fair, which happened recently in Costa mesa. Now it’s in my home, with me. Check out the pics of my new buddy.


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