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41. Upma

It is my beloved hatred item, but imposed to cook at least twice a week. This is an affliction I’m facing after wedding. Yes its my dear husbands favorite. He loves it, if I did not cook at least once in a week, he craves for it.

I never liked upma. Whenever my mom makes upma, me and my sister used to cry saying ‘concrete’ ‘concrete’ and run. I remember how my mom used to force us to eat sometimes. 
As soon I learnt its Darpan’s favorite, I regretted  my choice ;)….
I think, even upma knows that I hate it. That is why it took many days for me to understand and cook perfectly.

Whenever I make Upma, I’m filled with all negativity, hatred and sadness. I never knew that an eatable can influence my emotions. Though I make this upma with so much hatred, Darpan like it. He says I have become perfect upma chef. I do not know whether to feel happy or sad for this compliment.


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