Posted in Pencil Sketching

44. TIki in Owl

Tikis are symbol of luck. It is said that if you own a tiki, you are blessed with luck, its a Polynesian Culture. The tikis are carvings of humanoid forms but they are scary.
Back in Bangalore, I got a Tiki which was gifted by a friend, I liked the style and design but never gave much attention in learning what it is.
When I visited Hawaii in 2011 winter, was fascinated by the carvings of multifarious tiki statues. More than ever, tikis strike me in that trip. I kinda liked its significance and bought one wooden carved tiki to accompany me @ home. It is hanged on my wall just opposite to main entrance. I’m planning to write about tikis in my blog sometime too.

Lately a thought just struck, “if the tiki is inside own, is it still a good luck?” and started doodling with same motif. Hope you like it.


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