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68. Kawa Jamoon

The sweet delicious Kawa jamun is the most anticipated thing I wanted to try and eat. Lastly with mom in la’s initiation was able to shape the kawa into jamun.
Long back in Mysore when we made our seniors enjoy our party, the kawa jamun was one special item in the meal, which made everyone talk about it. And made me fall in love with it which I never liked till then.
Most the times it was slipping from my mind that I loved it. Certainly today the forgotten craving made me prepare it.
Hope you too like it…..

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67. Instincts

Sometimes receiving negative instincts makes so agonizing. When those negative instincts comes true, its too heavy to handle. It depends on oneself, for how long to carry it.
Had come across such contact today, though was shaken up initially, my senses worked better after a while.
Feels awful when we are forced to think bad of someone. To know that they are not our thoughts, they are instincts might give a brief solace. But going thru this puzzle till the fact comes out is terrible.
When such thing happens, minutes of  deep breath to set us on track can be a best medicine. It depends on how fast our senses sought for this medicine. Better sought late than never.
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65. Day wid Adu n Shilpa

The day started as usual until Adu and Shilpa came. Shilpa is one of my good mate and Addu is her pretty princess.

As we had a plan of spending the day @ my home, they were expected anytime.
Once they arrived the house filled with addus sweet smile. Kids are always fun, house with a kid is always filled with joy and happiness.
The day went off in single digit minute. Had lovely time chatting and playing.

Her acts and talks made me wonder sometimes. Never know what influences and  how  the kids senses works. But they surprise us unexpectedly.
I have been know to their family a while ago, based on my observations, she surprises me each and every time we meet.

Though I’m a friend of her moms, my fingers are printing addu from the beginning of this blog. Hope Shilpa is not angry with this, but I can see her in every glimpses of aditi.
Our full day chit chat was one of the best times I had in the recent days. You guys made this day as one of my memorables. Keep coming……
For more pics check the following link…..

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64. South Coast Plaza

Had a evening out @ the mall which is 6 miles away from my place, where I usually shop. This striking shopping complex attracts any age group. One can find each and every top brand of all sorts. The framework of the mall just amazes me.
Whenever I go there, feels like “I’m in the middle of top designers and all are watching me”…..kinda inspirational vibes I receive in the mall.
Each brand has its own signature and significance kissed by its designers. When I brush the product, feel like handshaken by its illustrator(creator).  
I will be filled with spirit and enthu after the mall browsing. Its one of the place which takes off my inner blocks and uplifts me.
Pics of the mall will be uploaded soon…..

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63. Party @ Traditions

Chandra and Deepti are one of the good friends we made here. Bhargav is there cutest blessing.
 His second Birthday party @ Traditions was filled with colors. 
Will be waiting for some occasion to wear saree, when the host request us to do so…….hmm will be ready as requested.
Had good time and fun in the party after a long time.
Its the second time I went to traditions for the party. Food was delicious and the fun was unlimited. Nice place for parties and get togethers. It was a lovely party.
Checkout the pics…..

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60. Yummy Sweet Burfi

Aspiring simple storytelling + Qualified use of technology + Well done cinematography + Felicitous cast
A well screened picture recipe, is witnessed in “Burfi”

The romantic story of two mentally/physically challenged roles is just vigorously screened.

A movie can be watched with family and is full of entertainment, though the emotions are provoked here and there…..the comedy of deaf and dumb is outstand.
The background music spices up the story. I just love the way the name Burfi is lightened in the movie.

Ranbir being deaf and dumb with Chaplin act is intense, Priyanka endured challenging role with 100% positive result. Elleana impressed with her elegance committing to bollywood.

Definitely Burfi is Anurag Basu’s bestowed movie to bollywood.