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46. Uncrating Weekend

I was in visitors crew waiting for my mom in law in LAX, came across many folks who were anticipating their friends, kids, parents…. The excitement for the person you are pausing is lively, once you see them……the exclamation one expresses is so distinct.
Finally mom in law is here. Its kinda wonderful feel seeing her after a long blank. So now some company to accompany my for love time.
Was awaited a long to unpack the baggies. So the whole Sunday, was busy unboxing the stuff from India. 
I’m so tempted to taste all  snacks and foodie things which my mom sent. Of Course the savor can never stops my saliva…No limits to the space of my tummy to week.
Hope you are all feeling jealous……;)
 LAX Night Spotting
LAX Day Spotting

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