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49. Search for lost Moon

Searching moon every month 4 days after full moon on the auspicious days of Sankashta Chaturthi is fun.
Remember my school and college days, when I used to do this vrith with friends, mostly with competition not with devotion, which used to be so fun. Yesterday when my mom in la was doing the vrith, was kinda missed my school and college Sankashta Chaturthi. 
After yesterdays walk in chase for moon, kinda thoughts clouded me.
Why don’t we see moon daily and wait desperately to see him only in these kinda days.

I always see the reflection of myself in moon. The moon looks so fresh and so good and so different each day. It figures the variance within me. Unknowingly our mind adopts to some changes, which may be trivial but they are vital as overall. Most of the times we ignore them thinking we are always the same, like we think about moon.
Finally the moon hunt became self hunt.
Full moon capture from my patio few days back.

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