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65. Day wid Adu n Shilpa

The day started as usual until Adu and Shilpa came. Shilpa is one of my good mate and Addu is her pretty princess.

As we had a plan of spending the day @ my home, they were expected anytime.
Once they arrived the house filled with addus sweet smile. Kids are always fun, house with a kid is always filled with joy and happiness.
The day went off in single digit minute. Had lovely time chatting and playing.

Her acts and talks made me wonder sometimes. Never know what influences and  how  the kids senses works. But they surprise us unexpectedly.
I have been know to their family a while ago, based on my observations, she surprises me each and every time we meet.

Though I’m a friend of her moms, my fingers are printing addu from the beginning of this blog. Hope Shilpa is not angry with this, but I can see her in every glimpses of aditi.
Our full day chit chat was one of the best times I had in the recent days. You guys made this day as one of my memorables. Keep coming……
For more pics check the following link…..


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