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78. Dussehra Smash

Having festive fun day with family and cousins is kinda amazing feel. Though was not well, I couldn’t rest joining the celebrations. Check out the snaps of beautiful day…….

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77. Early Bright

Finally time to upload the pics from camera and update my blog. Got so busy after coming to India, half in resting and half in meeting family and friends. Lastly today uploading the morning magics of backyard @ grandma home.

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76. Emotional Moments

As soon I got up, my eyes were filled with excitement of meeting my family.
The first meet after a long days was emotionally overwhelmed. It took awhile to bring down the warmth of the first meet to normal.
Though I  traveled hundreds of times to my native Challakere from   Bangalore, this time journey was quite new and distinct. As it was raining, the fresh fragrance of the wet mud got me back to blown memories.
Sometimes its good to be away and give a reentry.
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75. Journey to Homeland – 2

After getting down @ London airport, I was little confused in reaching my next gate as it is not mentioned in my boarding pass. Took a train and reached the building A and had a clarity there in proceeding further.
As people scared me of traveling through British Airways, me and Darpan took a chance. Though I didn’t have any major issues, had little unpleasant experience in security checking. I cursed the lady to the core when she thrashed my regular moisturizer bottle as it was exceeding 100 ml. That was totally ridiculous. In the process, I met a couple from Italy, who were sharing the same experience with British airways the same day along with me. They were so disappointed and sure of not traveling again through British Airlines. After that I saw the security annoying a couple with kid for carrying baby food, which they sent to the lab, tested and then relieved them. This was completely unnecessary and unethical. Though I have to travel return through the same flight, I don’t recommend it in future to anyone.
Had heard a lot about London airport. Finally had a chance of surfing it completely on my own. The airport is quite big beautiful and wide filled with colorful fancy  shops. I was kinda thrilled to see the working crew of Indian in London airport. They were many and many of Indians and middle eastern people working in airport. They are very friendly and helpful.

Finally the time to reach my gate. Just headed towards the gate, there I again met the uncle who is also flying to Bangalore. We both together headed to gate and waited there for a while and got into plane. After a while the flight took off, I was again peeking through the window  enjoying the view of take off till I reached the blue sky. And then just slipped into sleep dreaming of meeting my beloved family.

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74. Journey to Homeland – 1

Finally I’m going to India today…….from past 3 days I had kinda mixed feelings…. Little scared, worried, happy, excited, missing feelings. Finally as I started, the true feelings rushed out @ airport. As this is the first time after wedding that I’m gonna be away from Darpan for 2 months, the feel of missing him is quite new and unexpected.
As I was little scared initially to travel alone, became comfortable after a while. After completing all the immigration test I got to gate and waited a little for the call. As they did, so I entered and took my seat. Its window seat, I’m fully excited to explore my journey thru window. After few seconds my co passenger Staphene was there who is very thrilled to go London for her friends bachelor party. She is so friendly and cool.
As the flight took off, the beautiful LA was getting smaller and smaller and finally fitted to my fist. The beauty of the bay city is enchanting. I’m too glad to be part of La suburbs for past 1 n half year. As the flight passed all the clouds and reached the blue sky, I’m completely in the open space now.
As the traveling time is 10 hours,I spent time in sleeping, watching movies and checking the flight status.
Finally, when the flight was about to land, had a chance of watching beautiful London.
The flight crossed the layers of snow white clouds, the reflection of sunlight created a sliver paradise and finally reached the view of city. As it was raining in London, the view was mesmerizing……I kinda envied Stephanie, for staying in such a beautiful city for 5 days. I never thought of going or staying in London. After seeing the beauty I’m damn attracted and so desperate to be  in the city. I will definitely look forward to go London.

  LA view
 Silver Paradise 

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73. Go Green

Plastic is the thing on which our lives are unconditionally depending on. You can’t imagine the present life style without plastic. Cups, bowls, bags, blu rays etc etc are accumulated in our kitchens and living rooms.
I got inspired with the initiation in recycling plastic from one of my ideal friend Nancy and did a brief research on Recycling the plastic. I got really shocked in learning many facts about these non biodegradable things and decided in supporting nature being Eco-friendly.

As plastic is cheap,easy to use, available in wide variety and also water resistant which makes us prefer it in most of the times but unfortunately, it is not biodegradable. Here comes the recycling which helps in reducing the negative impacts of plastic.

With increasing population, the waste produced is about to become dangerous for the living.

Recycling helps in cutting it down, and enabling to comfort the benefits of plastic without suffering the consequences.

As my first step, contributed few of my stored waste plastics to the Orange County Recycling Centre in Santa Ana. 
 I really appreciate their service for nature.

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72. Fashion Island

Dazzling Fashion Island is so colorful with Halloween spooky themed stores.
You can catch up a actual Orange County here.
This affluent mall which is few minutes away from the beach has best selection of stores. I prefer to call it Indo-Outdoor Mall, as its architecture is designed so.

Beautiful aqua fountains in most the places is damn attractive.
Lovely decorations and well maintained seating will make us run out off time.
Best products which are upto the trend, makes this place centre of fashion.
Though the most the stores are closed as I was late there, could shop few lovely item which are very best of its quality.
Wish to go and spend whole day and shop in this Fancy Fashion Island some other time soon.

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70. Dinner with Bachelor Family

As these guys live and roam together as a family, I like to call them as Bachelor family. For name sake they are bachelors. But they don’t have any glimpses of bachelors. They cook excellent, keep the house very clean and tidy, maintain punctuality for planned events, acts very responsible and blah blah blah(all bad qualities)
(sometimes feel jealous of their so goodie habits)

The birthday treat of Divakar was so delightful with luscious food. Each and every item was delicious and exquisite. We really enjoyed the dinner party.
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69. Lense Filters v/s Computer Filters

Today when I was seeing an profile of a photographer, and read the lenses he uses, it felt he never used computerised filters. But he did in most of the pictures.

Difference between using a lens filter instead of filtering the bare image in Photoshop or other software based imaging program is truly economical and creative. They both omit or overstate a specific spectrum of the light range and I can add contrast, sharpen, soften, add warmth, coolness…everything in my computer. All top named photographers, whether they buy it or not, have someone with computer background to amplify their images.
As long as every tone, hues and details we care about has been captured by the film, one can then use Photoshop to change the proportion among the tones and colors for the final rendered image.

I’ would say that filters that change things by less than one or two stop are better done in Photoshop but if it’s more than that you have to use the optical filter to give Photoshop a good start.

As for my economical constraints I’m presently working with computerised filters. But on long terms I recommend lense filters which I’m gonna shift soon.
For more information about filters follow the source link:
 (Internet pics edited with Photoshop)