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73. Go Green

Plastic is the thing on which our lives are unconditionally depending on. You can’t imagine the present life style without plastic. Cups, bowls, bags, blu rays etc etc are accumulated in our kitchens and living rooms.
I got inspired with the initiation in recycling plastic from one of my ideal friend Nancy and did a brief research on Recycling the plastic. I got really shocked in learning many facts about these non biodegradable things and decided in supporting nature being Eco-friendly.

As plastic is cheap,easy to use, available in wide variety and also water resistant which makes us prefer it in most of the times but unfortunately, it is not biodegradable. Here comes the recycling which helps in reducing the negative impacts of plastic.

With increasing population, the waste produced is about to become dangerous for the living.

Recycling helps in cutting it down, and enabling to comfort the benefits of plastic without suffering the consequences.

As my first step, contributed few of my stored waste plastics to the Orange County Recycling Centre in Santa Ana. 
 I really appreciate their service for nature.


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