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74. Journey to Homeland – 1

Finally I’m going to India today…….from past 3 days I had kinda mixed feelings…. Little scared, worried, happy, excited, missing feelings. Finally as I started, the true feelings rushed out @ airport. As this is the first time after wedding that I’m gonna be away from Darpan for 2 months, the feel of missing him is quite new and unexpected.
As I was little scared initially to travel alone, became comfortable after a while. After completing all the immigration test I got to gate and waited a little for the call. As they did, so I entered and took my seat. Its window seat, I’m fully excited to explore my journey thru window. After few seconds my co passenger Staphene was there who is very thrilled to go London for her friends bachelor party. She is so friendly and cool.
As the flight took off, the beautiful LA was getting smaller and smaller and finally fitted to my fist. The beauty of the bay city is enchanting. I’m too glad to be part of La suburbs for past 1 n half year. As the flight passed all the clouds and reached the blue sky, I’m completely in the open space now.
As the traveling time is 10 hours,I spent time in sleeping, watching movies and checking the flight status.
Finally, when the flight was about to land, had a chance of watching beautiful London.
The flight crossed the layers of snow white clouds, the reflection of sunlight created a sliver paradise and finally reached the view of city. As it was raining in London, the view was mesmerizing……I kinda envied Stephanie, for staying in such a beautiful city for 5 days. I never thought of going or staying in London. After seeing the beauty I’m damn attracted and so desperate to be  in the city. I will definitely look forward to go London.

  LA view
 Silver Paradise 


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