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75. Journey to Homeland – 2

After getting down @ London airport, I was little confused in reaching my next gate as it is not mentioned in my boarding pass. Took a train and reached the building A and had a clarity there in proceeding further.
As people scared me of traveling through British Airways, me and Darpan took a chance. Though I didn’t have any major issues, had little unpleasant experience in security checking. I cursed the lady to the core when she thrashed my regular moisturizer bottle as it was exceeding 100 ml. That was totally ridiculous. In the process, I met a couple from Italy, who were sharing the same experience with British airways the same day along with me. They were so disappointed and sure of not traveling again through British Airlines. After that I saw the security annoying a couple with kid for carrying baby food, which they sent to the lab, tested and then relieved them. This was completely unnecessary and unethical. Though I have to travel return through the same flight, I don’t recommend it in future to anyone.
Had heard a lot about London airport. Finally had a chance of surfing it completely on my own. The airport is quite big beautiful and wide filled with colorful fancy  shops. I was kinda thrilled to see the working crew of Indian in London airport. They were many and many of Indians and middle eastern people working in airport. They are very friendly and helpful.

Finally the time to reach my gate. Just headed towards the gate, there I again met the uncle who is also flying to Bangalore. We both together headed to gate and waited there for a while and got into plane. After a while the flight took off, I was again peeking through the window  enjoying the view of take off till I reached the blue sky. And then just slipped into sleep dreaming of meeting my beloved family.


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