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98. Disney Fireworks

Why we always love colors and glitters. May be we see the reflection of our inner emotions through them. They represent oneself.
May be that is why I always lean to colors when I select anything. May be the like are different in different phases.
Though I watched many fireworks, I kinda fascinate Disney fireworks.
Every day from 9 : 45 to 10 : 00 you can see wonderful fireworks while driving on 405 N.
Its like you are having fireworks shower.
I  was not able to capture the fireworks, but can show you the clip how it looks
from 405 N.
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96. Web

One of my fresh sketches which took lengthy time to complete than usual.
Though I had a mood board set earlier, should frankly agree that I hadn’t followed it. This sketch began randomly in coiled self mood and took lots of blocks and ended somehow.
I had referred many references for this sketch when I had a block, but never looked at my earlier mood board.
Sometimes I wonder the way brain works in implementing something. I had planned something but my mind and soul wanted entirely something else. This time I was completely out of control and just followed.
This piece sights spontaneous fluctuations in human and nature elements.
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95. Get Out

Today for the first time I clutched a freshly born baby. Its amazing to see the tiny miniature of a couple. Its bitsy eyes, nose, mouth were so cute.
I was in hospital with mother for couple of hours…….she was sharing her experience of giving birth………..though she was in pain, her focus was entirely on kid.
The bonding of mother to kid is unconditional. Its a boon to humankind.
When I was watching him, was kind of wondered what he might be feeling coming to this world. What was going in his mind when he was coming out of mothers womb. Was he scared ?
Immediately I remembered one 3d animation movie, 

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93. Christmas Glitz

The suburbs are glutted by dazzling lights and colorful fir trees.
Malls, stores, streets wherever you go, your eyes gets amazed to the beautiful decorations.
The authentic sign of festival can be assimilated with its enhancement. Christmas is one such festival where entire world illuminates, at equal stretch.
One must come out of their nest to speculate the grace of city in Christmas.
Few clicks…..

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92. Christmas Tree

When I had been to a dear ones home for Christmas party 2 days back, my mom in la asked a question seeing her beautifully decorated artificial Fir tree………“ what is the significance of Christmas Tree”. And heard many answers which triggered me to learn more about the tradition of Christmas Tree.
After doing a small browsing….I read that there is no exact explanation of why and when the Fir tree and other trees in different parts of the world started being used as Christmas tree. But it has a story. A brief history behind the tree is quite interesting, which can be found in this link
Lastly I gained that different countries have different traditions in decorating the tree.
Finally the tree has the sign of everlasting life with God, indicating start of spring.
Few of the clicks of beautiful Christmas trees around…..

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91. Wedding Bells – 1

Indian weddings are all time tops in best choreography. Rich in full of customs and traditions wedding ceremonies goes for 3 to 5 days.
As soon the date of wedding fixed, bride and groom and all relatives and friends are busy listing things to shop. Starting from bridal wear lehenga, sherwani, suits, sarees, bangles, accessories………….owww the list goes on and on…..
After my wedding, it ‘s quite a long gap for my cousins Swati wedding… the shopping went in doubles for all our cousins…..Attending wedding and enjoying the fun is really amazing. I too got a chance in lending my hand to bride in buying her wedding stuff.
Here goes few clicks…..

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90. Fact

Today when I was tattling with one of my friends Megha, came across the fact which I never paid attention of…. “How does full moon affects the pregnancy?”
When I did a small quest on this subject, found many interesting fact which I had  known earlier but never gave a thought about it.
The two chief factors when it comes to the drifts of the ocean are the Sun and the Moon. Since the gravitational influence of an object is directly related to its mass, the Sun has a definite advantage over the moon when it comes to the strength of its forces. However, since the Sun is over 380 times farther away from the Earth than the Moon, the smaller mass in orbit around us is able to exert its effects on us much more strongly than the star.
The key when it comes to understanding how the tides work is to understand the relationship between the motion of our planet and its moon. Both the Moon and the Earth are constantly moving through space. Since the Earth spins on its own axis, water is kept balanced on all sides of the planet through centrifugal force. The Moon’s gravitational forces are strong enough to disrupt this balance by accelerating the water towards the Moon. This causes the water to ‘bulge.’
It is believed that, this is how lots of deliveries on full moon day as the water breaks due to physical changes in space……
Though it is not so convincing to believe and judge, its quite interesting to know…..
follow this link for more information……
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