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80. Sickening Sickness

My dream of happy trip to India is finally dissatisfied. My platelets got fluctuated which fluctuated my entire body system. Certainly was alright for wedding which I had planned days and days earlier.
But till then here goes the story…….
After a long flight got to get rid off terrible body pains so had the painkillers couple of days and rested. Later cached with heavy and severe headaches with fever and had on counter medicines and was fine for couple of days.
Did the shopping met friends had fun but my body was totally uncomfortable wherever I go. Often severe fevers, jaw joint pain which was horrible and was going severe and sever day by day.
Surely something is wrong. Parallelly was seeking the professionals help but that didn’t helped me, infact felt like experiment piece to dumb asses. Finally went to Apollo, there comes the final episode,
and he was my final 5th doc, who discovered that my platelets count is down and asked me to hospitalize immediately. Once got hospitalized and got periodically monitored by docs for 7 days, my body started to fight back the virus and was  fine.
When I did a small research, it came to my understanding that this dengue fever is so common in many parts of world and is mosquito borne.  And it mainly attacks the blood cells lowering platelets and wbc.
It is important that you are treated under medical supervision, by this way the condition is monitored periodically and treated accordingly. More you delay, more the chances of progress in virus count.
For more information read the  following article……
The horrible part I had is choosing the doc and which I nearly did wrong and had to suffer more. So please make sure to whom you are consulting.
Never ever neglect any fevers, consult experts immediately get treated accordingly. And live healthy.
The flower of health blooms when all parts work together. 
Thanx for these pretty ones Judy.

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