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119. Funny Illustration 2

My funny time pass illustration turned out to be more comical after completion.
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118. Pumpkin Candle Holder

Finally my hanging pumpkin cast votive candle holder is glittering with silver wire lead lights.
Was searching all craft and art stores to find something which gives complete look to the holder. And certainly today found these flashy cute wire lead lights in Joann Store and my hand just grabbed it. Now I like this new look on my candle holder.
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115. Valentine’s Grow Kits

I bought these Valentine’s special grow kits recently from target.
Poppy seeds, Strawberry seeds and Forget me not seeds are packed inside beautiful cardboard box with pot, grow medium along with instructions. They are tiny and colorful and I could not resist myself from having all 3.
Today I placed seeds onto the soil and patted and watered them as per directions. Hopefully seeds sprouts through the soil soon and plant gets ready by
Valentine’s day :)…..

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114. Swaminarayan Temple

Awesome structural construction of Swaminarayan Temple @ Chino Hills mesmerizes you.
The glimpses of beautiful gopuram catches the sight from 71 freeway and made me curious. As soon we landed there, it took minutes to take my eyes off the temple.
Temple is located in between the open spaces of Monte vista and Central Avenue. The cool breeze of the Chino Hills arena hugging the temples gopuram just gives you the pleasure of divine sparsha.
The interior marble carvings just wondered me. Hats off to the each and every artist who resulted this marvelous masterpiece. The exterior of the temple is made of sand rock with the carvings of Indian deities is ethical and decent.
This is one of the must watch place in CA
For more details, follow the link

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113. Gondola

Ride of Gondola on the Newport lagoons in the dark night is so awesome. Newport is exotic with slight illumination.
I have a dream of doing gondola rides in Venice. Though had experienced the Venetian ride in Las Vegas, the real ride in Venice is still awaiting.

But the New port gondola is quite an experience. Message in the bottle was so unexpected, and I was so thrilled. Loved the idea and thanx to Darpan for the wonderful ride and surprise message.

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112. Big Bear

Fun filled sunday in Big bear doing tubing and skiing……
I always felt skiing is very easy…..but I kinda felt being 80’s when you are actually 20’s……
One must have good stamina to carry the heavy skiing shoes and boards only then you can really try doing skiing.
But had real good fun in tubing. Sliding off the snow white ice like penguins is real fun. 

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110. Naga Sadhu

Lately when I was browsing, few pics of ascetic naked men smeared with ashes, bearing beard till ground level with huge turbines of hair, clasping chillum in hand, wearing garlands of rudraksha…..caught my sight….
Naga Sadhus…..I have seen them many times in many media but never felt curious and conceded as some fancy group of saints.
But  when I digged up…….learnt that they are called Naga sadhus who are true saints pledged to attain Moksha……and they lead the auspicious Kumbh Mela every 12 years.

When I digged up more to learn naga sadhu’s origin, history, and importance of their presence in Kumbh Mela, none of the source I surfed in the internet provided satisfied information. Please post me if you are aware of more information….