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103. Rose Parade

124th Rose Parade in Pasadena on New years freezing morning gave me a real colorful
beautiful start of the year.
The parade kicked off with the theme “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”
This tradition of starting the year with festival of flowered floats with the theme, beautifully groomed horses, marching bands is just exquisite.
This tournament of Rose parade is started in 1890 Jan 1st by the members of Pasadena Valley Hunt Club and later formed the Pasadena Tournament of Roses which continued producing the event every New year.
2013 Jan 1st Rose Parade featured 91 floats, 23 marching bands, 21 equestiral units from across the USA. All of us were staked out our spots early freezing Monday morning to watch the show. It was cool watching the fans of the show stake up the places with folding chairs, barbeque grills, beds and waiting eagerly for the show.

The day was completely unplanned and yet turned out to be the beautiful start of the year 2013.


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