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108. Happy Makara Sankranti

The festival of colors and flowers………..
Sankranti is one of my favorite festival……..where me and cousins used to get up early in the morning and start doing rangoli and we wanted our rangoli to be the best.
Early waking up and doing rangoli in chilled winter is kinda thrilling. Finally when the rangoli is done, get ready for flowering the rangoli keeping gobbemma(made of gobar and decorated with kumkum and turmeric and flowers) in the center of rangoli.
I love the festival prasadam with sesame seeds, coconut, jaggery, split dalia, and ground nuts. I usually store it and eat for whole month. And pongal is one more dish offered as prasadam, though its a normal sweet pongal but sankranti pongal is all time tops.
Finally distribute the sesame seeds prasadam to friends and family. Hmm its nice going back and recalling the memories……..
Happy Makara Sankranti to all “ Ellu Bella Tindu Olle Matannadi”
Follow this link to know the facts of the festival……

Sankranti festival 2008 @ Hyd

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