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110. Naga Sadhu

Lately when I was browsing, few pics of ascetic naked men smeared with ashes, bearing beard till ground level with huge turbines of hair, clasping chillum in hand, wearing garlands of rudraksha…..caught my sight….
Naga Sadhus…..I have seen them many times in many media but never felt curious and conceded as some fancy group of saints.
But  when I digged up…….learnt that they are called Naga sadhus who are true saints pledged to attain Moksha……and they lead the auspicious Kumbh Mela every 12 years.

When I digged up more to learn naga sadhu’s origin, history, and importance of their presence in Kumbh Mela, none of the source I surfed in the internet provided satisfied information. Please post me if you are aware of more information….


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