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152. Fun Installing the Window

Had great fun installing the Medical Assistance and Cardio Vascular window.
The exercise is quite challenging. As we chose medical, it made more difficult and @ same time helped us to think all possibilities available to make window visually subject specific.
Though we had hard time in finalising the concept, the outcome is kind of satisfactory.
3 dimensional heart is a key prop for Cardiovascular window which we initially thought of making with barbed wire.
We made a right choice going with our instructor, Steve Jones idea of foam board heart which is given depth by scaling. The rest of the space of window is filled with echocardiogram pictures.
The Medical Assistance window is again lined with quotational medical equipment images with hanging plastic syringes on either side. Few antique medical equipments provided by department adds needed attention to the window.
Both windows certainly imply simple, informative with required elements representing the respective departments.
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150. Cameo Fashion Show

Had an awesome wonderful day volunteering backstage @ Cameo Fashion Show.
“An Afternoon in New York” is the theme for this year’s fashion show.
The event included a luncheon with complimentary wine, fashion show, a live auction, silent auction, opportunity drawing.
Working backstage with models was so exciting. Thought the space was small, the models were professionals and organized well, so had friendly atmosphere.
Racks of clothes split up for each individual model with the shoes on the floor so that the dresser knows the match up. I have to admit, the people I worked with were really really nice and friendly. It all condense to a few intense minutes during a show when models change into a second or even third look. Dressers race to help the models out of one look and into another.
Being a dresser backstage furnish you for the fashion industry. The more shows you assist with, the more untroubled you get with the backstage production of a show.

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149. Sixties Bright Graphical Vibes

As I was watching Anna Sui’s collection on fall 2103 Runway, I went back to my childhood dress up style in just a few outfits. Her sixties retro vibes completely worked on me.
It always seems the collection on runway are highly designer with rich looks. But Anna’s collection seemed ideal for mix and match wearable wardrobe. Lots of leggings and knee socks with A-line frocks, which looked so simple, elegant, trendy and whimsical and ready to wear with mix of retro style.
The flirty tender outfits in bright and vibrant colors with frisky and graphic prints just looks perfect on any teenage girl. The sixties look of collared shirt with neckties on A – line frocks seemed new and refresh.
Sometimes using more colors and patterns clashes the look, instead Anna’s collection had harmony and great blend and use of color with patterns .I would love to have any shred from Anna’s fall collection.

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147. Folktale of 31 Bits

As I heard the name 31 Bits, the things I knew about them was so little. When I researched, got really impressed and overwhelmed with the work of Kallie Dovel and team.
This organization is giving hope to number of women in Gulu, Uganda. They purchase handmade  jewelry of recycled papers from each women, providing with ample of income. And also the women in the programme are given with English lessons ,vocational training in business, business mentoring, AIDS awareness programmes, financial training, which helps in learning about business and saving money. These services are given so that the women can start their own business and living for future.
The organisation have become helping hand for the women each with a unique story of suffering. Now, each of the women in the program have a job, a community, and a future. They spend their days earning and caring for each other. These women now get to wake up everyday with hope and happiness.
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145. Vintage Ad

I found this interesting Vintage retail concept of  Fashion Frocks from pinterest,
Recruiting housewives for the merchandise is brilliant idea of widening the sales.

(This vintage Fashion Frocks Ad was scanned from an original 1949 Modern Screen magazine. Fashion Frocks was a company from Cincinnati, OH that employed housewives as salespeople)
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144. Los Angeles Zoo

Recently when I visited LAX airport, pictured this interesting photo of window of paper made owl with the tagline, “Los Angeles Zoo: Where learning happens naturally”.

 Zoo being promoted as education place seemed quite interesting and innovative. They chose “Owl which represents Wisdom”, “Gorilla which is Colorful” and “Elephant which represents Memory” as their visual objects with interesting tagline.
The Los Angeles Zoo
Campaign was developed : RLR Advertising, Pasadena California Photographer/Illustrator : Ricardo Salamanca at Salamagica, Santiago, Chile
Creative director / Art director : Hans Castro Gallo
Operations director : Albaro Ibarra
Copywriter :Roberto Leni
CEO : Nikki Robischon

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143. Shopping shopping……..

Fashion Island, a must go place for all fashion lovers. In two years of my stay in Orange County, my visits to Fashion Island goes huge.
I love to shop and browse the stores. The mall is mostly filled with stylish and trendy glimpses. If you want to see the latest trends in fashion bias, you might want to go to this place.
When I was in Fashion Island this weekend, I noticed that stores have come up with creative and innovative window displays to wow their consumers.
I feel window presentations are sometimes more than a brand. When I passed by Quicksilver and Brandy Melville I couldn’t resist stepping in and browsing, but never forget I bought the stuff too.I feel the presentations are vital  for retail shopping.
I also observed most of the stores had lowered their prices. The stores like The Earnest Sewn are selling good stuff for best price, most of the stuff I saw doesn’t looks off trend.
Specially the prices of Savy’s @ Nordstrom, seemed quite low.