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143. Shopping shopping……..

Fashion Island, a must go place for all fashion lovers. In two years of my stay in Orange County, my visits to Fashion Island goes huge.
I love to shop and browse the stores. The mall is mostly filled with stylish and trendy glimpses. If you want to see the latest trends in fashion bias, you might want to go to this place.
When I was in Fashion Island this weekend, I noticed that stores have come up with creative and innovative window displays to wow their consumers.
I feel window presentations are sometimes more than a brand. When I passed by Quicksilver and Brandy Melville I couldn’t resist stepping in and browsing, but never forget I bought the stuff too.I feel the presentations are vital  for retail shopping.
I also observed most of the stores had lowered their prices. The stores like The Earnest Sewn are selling good stuff for best price, most of the stuff I saw doesn’t looks off trend.
Specially the prices of Savy’s @ Nordstrom, seemed quite low.


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