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147. Folktale of 31 Bits

As I heard the name 31 Bits, the things I knew about them was so little. When I researched, got really impressed and overwhelmed with the work of Kallie Dovel and team.
This organization is giving hope to number of women in Gulu, Uganda. They purchase handmade  jewelry of recycled papers from each women, providing with ample of income. And also the women in the programme are given with English lessons ,vocational training in business, business mentoring, AIDS awareness programmes, financial training, which helps in learning about business and saving money. These services are given so that the women can start their own business and living for future.
The organisation have become helping hand for the women each with a unique story of suffering. Now, each of the women in the program have a job, a community, and a future. They spend their days earning and caring for each other. These women now get to wake up everyday with hope and happiness.

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