Posted in Fashion, Rendition

149. Sixties Bright Graphical Vibes

As I was watching Anna Sui’s collection on fall 2103 Runway, I went back to my childhood dress up style in just a few outfits. Her sixties retro vibes completely worked on me.
It always seems the collection on runway are highly designer with rich looks. But Anna’s collection seemed ideal for mix and match wearable wardrobe. Lots of leggings and knee socks with A-line frocks, which looked so simple, elegant, trendy and whimsical and ready to wear with mix of retro style.
The flirty tender outfits in bright and vibrant colors with frisky and graphic prints just looks perfect on any teenage girl. The sixties look of collared shirt with neckties on A – line frocks seemed new and refresh.
Sometimes using more colors and patterns clashes the look, instead Anna’s collection had harmony and great blend and use of color with patterns .I would love to have any shred from Anna’s fall collection.


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