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155. Field Trip to South Coast Plaza

Had good time learning the visual displays of various retail stores @ South Coast Plaza.
We spent  time in front of the store analysing their visuals and learning their design elements and principals. Each store has its own story, art and creativity which is hidden in their window visual presentation. It not only creates pleasantness to the store but also welcomes consumers helping in healthy economy to the store.
Displays has both art and craft. Having constant change in visual concepts and formulas is very important. Improvising the window visuals not only gives freshness but also reflects the stores creative sense.
Louis Vuitton window conveys rich, busy corporate and carries all required brand values. They used various design elements like balance, intensity, contrast, texture, lines, perspective, rhythm, value, shape, repetition and flow.
The way the repetition of metal papers which are bent in different ways gives the flow, adds the perspective. The contrast they played using white and metallic gold over black perfectly worked out. The pose and looks of mannequins and the placement of the customised silver typewriters are flawless.
Pics of various retail stores window displays @ SCP.


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