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167. Sunset vs Moonbeams

Choosing between precious gold and silver jewelry, the myth is to stick with their skin tone. People with dark skin were to choose gold, while cooler complexions had to settle on silver. This whole thing sounds too limiting and really silly. The thing is not to overrun one’s look with too much of a good thing.

No matter what is one’s complexion Gold know to tap its powers. Important thing is the color and style of the outfit. Many vintage, bohemian, nautical fashions can benefit from glimpses of gold. Gold works very well with dainty fragile retro looks.

Silver has been a best pal evening wear for ages. Silver makes diamonds and crystals glimmer like no other metal can. It has the best ability of  playing with natural light. Gold looks great against warm colors while silver picks up the cool colors.

In the same time mix and matching silver with gold or gold with silver can employ determined look of style. Just make sure to know how to play.



(photos from pinterest)


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