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201. Kale Ridge

Hello all…..

Must be wondering what is this Kale Ridge!!! It is my new experiment in cooking……I should say its my own recipe and here it goes.

Take equal proportion of Ridge gourd(cut in cubes) and Kale leaves.

Take a pan, add oil and once oil is heated add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves.

Then add cut kale leaves and ridge gourd cubes and fry in oil for 5 min. Add 2 whole cloves and 2 black peppers. After 1 min add milk and boil (the amount of milk is based on your choice of consistency for curry) I like to add little more milk. You will sense the sweet aroma coming out of pan and believe me it just increases your appetite. Then add grinded green chillies and turmeric and boil for 2 min. Finally add salt for taste and garnish with coriander.

This tastes yummy with hot rice and also is great side dish for roti, chapati.

I always wondered myself if I can really cook something new. But I’m so happy today. Just try this recipe and let me know what you feel……


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200. Eyeliner with a twist

Hello guys how are you today….

I had a busy but interesting day at both work and college…..

I was so astonished to learn Egyptian fashion history today. Surprised to find out many resembles between past Egyptian and Indian believes. Most of their fashion resembles Indian but not sure who draw the inspiration from whom. Of Course I’m digging in to get to know ;)…….

Egyptians believed natural kohl eyeliners as protectors for eyes from sun and the heat. But the beauty and craft of eyeliner bottles is just awesome.

Today I came across a well engraved wooden craft which looks like a pen, but you know what its a Egyptian eyeliner. It was very hard to identify it as a eyeliner. Though I did not take a picture of it, I was able to find few eyeliner bottles through internet, which resembles the same.


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199. Tiny trip to Tiny Island

It was an awesome one day trip to teenie tiny romantic island Santa Catalina.

The journey to the island by Catalina Flyer boat was amazing experience. Passing through the scenic views of Pacific ocean towards southwest of Los Angeles, is amazing.

The name “Catalina” sounds so girly, and so the place seems. The awesome things we did is exploring while Avalon city and browsed the bestest submarine rides. Watched the underwater world so closely for first time. Its an oww stuck experience.

Here goes few captured moments….




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198. Raksha Bandhan

“Rakhi” festival of relationships between brothers, sisters, cousins and well wishing soul mates.

I’m missing this auspicious day from years, but of course I send my wishes and rakhi through snail mails.

Though this is not the raksha bandhan day officially, I celebrated it today wishing my all cousins and praying for their well being. And asual every year routine, I tied rakhi to my bestest soul mate GOD(Sai Baba)…..

Wish you all Happy Raksha Bandhan…….


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197. Independence Day

Finally I found my hidden post which I assumed of publishing……..

Anyway here it goes my Independence day post…..

It is been 3 years I’m missing India Independence day. Missing my homeland’s independence day feels terribly bad. But celebrating it being distant is a different feel. I’m happy with this….

Happy Independence Day guys…..


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196. Spicy Ginger Dipping

Spicy sweety soury acrid ginger chutney fills my everyday snack time. This multi flavored chutney can be a great dipping and side dish for a meal.

Take equal proportions of ginger, jaggery, tamarind, red chillies.

Soak tamarind, break jaggery in small pieces and grind all 4 ingredients into a semi solid mixture.

Take a hollow pan, add oil. Once the oil is heated up, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds and curry leaves. Then add the grinded mixture. Be careful while adding the mixture as it splatters. Add salt for taste.

Once added, keep frying the mixture in oil with constant stirring. The color of the mixture changes to light brown to dark brown losing its raw scent.

Then the Ginger Chutney/Dipping is ready to serve.


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195. MOD TEX Photoshoot

Photoshoot @ Recycle and reuse clothing store, ModTex produced by Dynamite Editorials was an amazing exposure for all fashion professionals.The event was colorful, busy and well executed. All booming fashion professionals like photographers, bloggers, stylists, jewelry designers made this event look crisp and fresh.

Dynamite Editorials is a fashion editorial production company developed to educate young fashion professionals.

I was glad to be the part of this great photoshoot. I was assigned to style Samantha Plan for the photoshoot. She was the host for the videos and the model. She was looking stunning with each look. Respite, I just loved the store Mod Tex. Their idea of buy sell trade process inspired me.

Special thanks to Tauna Carson and the team of Dynamite Editorial for giving me the opportunity.

Few of my mobile clicks…….


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194. Hawaii – 5th Day & Shopping

Wonderful shopping bliss for unique and one of a kind collectables. I could not resist myself, explored every market place and had the best one’s in my cart. Prices seem high but never forgot about the bargain market for affordable prices.


The best hand carved Manaia pendents……



Best pearls from Na Hoku…….


Superb bargain market…….best beauty fairing for affordable prices…


Loved these beautiful coral jewelry………


The bestest creative art I ever seen…….awesome petal garlands…….

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193. Hawaii – 4th Day

What to say about the Polynesian Cultural Center, it is one fantabulous attraction of Hawaii.Had living experience on 4th day @ Wonderful Polynesian Cultural Center with 7 Polynesian cultures, lifestyles and traditions. Blending with island natives in their actual world was amazing.

Spent entire day in this lovely place but never ended up feeling bored. Each hour kept going interesting meeting native Polynesians, learning their unique culture.

Enjoy my pics you guys…….


“HA: Breath of Life” is truly breath taking show in the end of the day and feels as perfect dessert after delicious island dinner.

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192. Hawaii – 3rd Day

This post winds up the 3rd day which is our anniversary in Hawaii. Started the day early with excitement for the special day. As planned started to visit the pearl harbor/US Arizona memorial and it was very touching.

As the time was nearing to reach Hawaiian evening, I was super thrilled for Ali’i Kai Catamaran cruise dinner. Fun filled sunset cruise journey with delicious island flavors was never forgettable. It is something that I’d like to remember about the day for ever.