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197. Independence Day

Finally I found my hidden post which I assumed of publishing……..

Anyway here it goes my Independence day post…..

It is been 3 years I’m missing India Independence day. Missing my homeland’s independence day feels terribly bad. But celebrating it being distant is a different feel. I’m happy with this….

Happy Independence Day guys…..



9 thoughts on “197. Independence Day

  1. Happy Independence Day! Just like the U.S. your freedom from British domination was hard fought, but done much more peacefully! God bless India, the world’s most populace democracy!

      1. That is interesting……..its wonderful post…….I will definitely follow your posts from now on…..
        The popular posts in India are food, travel, adventure, economy, politics…….
        I loved you blog 🙂

      2. Sounds good to me, glad you liked it 🙂 Seems to be hard to get followers from India, so you are now my ambassador…
        Have a great day.
        Uncle Spike

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