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200. Eyeliner with a twist

Hello guys how are you today….

I had a busy but interesting day at both work and college…..

I was so astonished to learn Egyptian fashion history today. Surprised to find out many resembles between past Egyptian and Indian believes. Most of their fashion resembles Indian but not sure who draw the inspiration from whom. Of Course I’m digging in to get to know ;)…….

Egyptians believed natural kohl eyeliners as protectors for eyes from sun and the heat. But the beauty and craft of eyeliner bottles is just awesome.

Today I came across a well engraved wooden craft which looks like a pen, but you know what its a Egyptian eyeliner. It was very hard to identify it as a eyeliner. Though I did not take a picture of it, I was able to find few eyeliner bottles through internet, which resembles the same.



8 thoughts on “200. Eyeliner with a twist

  1. I was also interested to see the strong resemblance between Indian and Cham carvings and architecture during a visit to Vietnam. It seems the Cham civilisation had very close ties to the Indian civilisation.

  2. The Cherokee Indians used face paint for camouflage and as war paint which was very individualized based on each tribe. They used colors and symbols to convey meanings. Your post was very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂

    Your post is very interesting. They were actually right about the eyeliner protecting their eyes. It’s a concept that is used in football today when they put the black lines under their eyes. It’s to protect them from the glare of the sun.

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