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201. Kale Ridge

Hello all…..

Must be wondering what is this Kale Ridge!!! It is my new experiment in cooking……I should say its my own recipe and here it goes.

Take equal proportion of Ridge gourd(cut in cubes) and Kale leaves.

Take a pan, add oil and once oil is heated add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves.

Then add cut kale leaves and ridge gourd cubes and fry in oil for 5 min. Add 2 whole cloves and 2 black peppers. After 1 min add milk and boil (the amount of milk is based on your choice of consistency for curry) I like to add little more milk. You will sense the sweet aroma coming out of pan and believe me it just increases your appetite. Then add grinded green chillies and turmeric and boil for 2 min. Finally add salt for taste and garnish with coriander.

This tastes yummy with hot rice and also is great side dish for roti, chapati.

I always wondered myself if I can really cook something new. But I’m so happy today. Just try this recipe and let me know what you feel……



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