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189. Golden Dusk

Love these pics of delightful sunset from

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Boulder City, Nevada



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18. Heisler Park Laguna Beach

Beautiful evening in Heisler Park Laguna Beach. It was saturday and  we both thought of hanging out to a beach. It was best choice made by Dapran. The ride to beach through Pacific Coast Hwy was so amazing with perfect background score.
As the car glasses slide down, the cool breeze of the ocean made us mesmerize. The songs in I phone were so well matched with mood of the weather and made me feel heaven.
We had to park the car on main street as the parking near park was full. The walk towards beach was also pleasant.
We reached the park relaxed for a while on grass ground. Many folks with their families were spending whole day as a  get together and  barbequing.  

As i neared the beach I saw beautifully dressed brides and handsome groom posing for photographer. Totally there were 4 pairs with their photographers.

The beach was filled with families and kids playing, surfing, partying.
The water was calm and beautiful. Naughty Seagulls were playing with tides and trying to catch the seafood. I too started teasing Seagulls amusing the tides. Playing with tides and being intimate with nature is such a wonderful experience.

Beautiful tide pools here and there were so eye catchy. The disappointing thing is I did not capture any tide pools as I was little scared to carry the camera into water. But I could have tried with little care. I regret it now. Hope I don’t do the same mistake in future.
As it got dark, we walked back via Oceanic View path to the car parked, capturing few interesting and curious things.