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196. Spicy Ginger Dipping

Spicy sweety soury acrid ginger chutney fills my everyday snack time. This multi flavored chutney can be a great dipping and side dish for a meal.

Take equal proportions of ginger, jaggery, tamarind, red chillies.

Soak tamarind, break jaggery in small pieces and grind all 4 ingredients into a semi solid mixture.

Take a hollow pan, add oil. Once the oil is heated up, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds and curry leaves. Then add the grinded mixture. Be careful while adding the mixture as it splatters. Add salt for taste.

Once added, keep frying the mixture in oil with constant stirring. The color of the mixture changes to light brown to dark brown losing its raw scent.

Then the Ginger Chutney/Dipping is ready to serve.


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183. Spinach chutney

I can never forget having this yummy chutney in Shirdi for first time in a restaurant. I never loved spinach till then, and the taste of it made me run behind the chef and beg him for recipe. Here goes the pics……


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68. Kawa Jamoon

The sweet delicious Kawa jamun is the most anticipated thing I wanted to try and eat. Lastly with mom in la’s initiation was able to shape the kawa into jamun.
Long back in Mysore when we made our seniors enjoy our party, the kawa jamun was one special item in the meal, which made everyone talk about it. And made me fall in love with it which I never liked till then.
Most the times it was slipping from my mind that I loved it. Certainly today the forgotten craving made me prepare it.
Hope you too like it…..

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47. Kinda Impression Time

I never tried show off, but sometimes unknowingly we will try to impress some important personnel in life. Overall I’m not, but 10% of my senses are trying to thrill my mom in la.
Its time to show her my cooking expertise.
Tried one new dose recipe, ‘Tomato Dosa’, it came out unexpectedly tasty and yummy, thanks to Mahima for this crispy yummy recipe. Scored few points finally 😉
Making tomato dosa is so easy and instant batter preparation makes life easier.
Grind sooji, tomato, curds, ginger, green mirchi and add curry leaves, jeera and few red chilli flakes and thus the batter prepared. Spread this grinded batter on heated tawa and wait for few minutes, and lastly crispy tomato dosa is ready. 
Check out the pics…..

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41. Upma

It is my beloved hatred item, but imposed to cook at least twice a week. This is an affliction I’m facing after wedding. Yes its my dear husbands favorite. He loves it, if I did not cook at least once in a week, he craves for it.

I never liked upma. Whenever my mom makes upma, me and my sister used to cry saying ‘concrete’ ‘concrete’ and run. I remember how my mom used to force us to eat sometimes. 
As soon I learnt its Darpan’s favorite, I regretted  my choice ;)….
I think, even upma knows that I hate it. That is why it took many days for me to understand and cook perfectly.

Whenever I make Upma, I’m filled with all negativity, hatred and sadness. I never knew that an eatable can influence my emotions. Though I make this upma with so much hatred, Darpan like it. He says I have become perfect upma chef. I do not know whether to feel happy or sad for this compliment.

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37. Bisi Bele Bath

Sunday special bisi bisi bele bath. One of my favorite dish. Mom usually used to make during holiday days.

This spicy delicious dish is from Karnataka. With handful of spices and all cut vegetables, the bite of bisi bele bath just melts in mouth. I prefer having  mirchi bajji or pakora as side chat along with boondi and raita. Today I have made onion pakora.

This colorful plate with bisi bele bath, pakora with aloo bhujia and raita, watching some telugu movies made this Sunday perfect.