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180. Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to the 17th century, beginning in Italy in the Late Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe. During the Renaissance people were focused on the individual and life. The Renaissance was full of new ideas. They are all inventors who dared to stand against spiritual boundary and go beyond.

Its awesome to reborn in times where people were lead into dark and never hesitate to try anything and everything. As a passive viewer, I enjoyed spending my day here in Renfair.

(for more infor about renaissance period

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20130519_155251 - Copy

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20130519_160202 - Copy

20130519_160322 - Copy

20130519_161502 - Copy

20130519_165218 - Copy

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177. Modular Tile Design

Modular pattern design seems so simple that many people don’t even consider. Yet its one of the best way of expressing your style. Designing patterns are always endless each can give dramatically a different look and feel.
Till I started doing this modular design project, I was in same perception that it is simple. It is not simple as it looks. Coming up with new and unique design which competes and beats the regular design is challenging. It took almost 8 hours to come up with my final design. Another big challenging part comes in choosing the colors which goes best with each design element of the tile in the same time enhancing each tile. Once after the colors finalised, its really a big task filling the colors with equal and even spread. I used scotch drafting tape to avoid patchy fill. Finally it took 16 hours with breaks to complete the filling part. This is a huge tough project which looks easy and simple.


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157. Emotions

Everyone admit or not have some kind of personal association to colors, like attraction, repulsion, love, hatred etc.
Mood associations, emotional reactions are evidence of meaning of colors….
Red: Exciting, powerful, energetic, passion, love, danger, affection, impulsive
Blue: soothing, tender, cool, calm, confidence
Yellow: Dazzling, cheerful, shallow, destructive
Green: Youthful, hope, nature, poison, danger
Purple: Sedate deceit, misery, dignified, adversity
Fusion of a design with meaning associated with colors brings up to entire different senses. Doing this exercise was brainstorming helping in knowing the exact association of colors with emotions. Seeing so many designs with various emotions and colors was so overpowering.
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144. Los Angeles Zoo

Recently when I visited LAX airport, pictured this interesting photo of window of paper made owl with the tagline, “Los Angeles Zoo: Where learning happens naturally”.

 Zoo being promoted as education place seemed quite interesting and innovative. They chose “Owl which represents Wisdom”, “Gorilla which is Colorful” and “Elephant which represents Memory” as their visual objects with interesting tagline.
The Los Angeles Zoo
Campaign was developed : RLR Advertising, Pasadena California Photographer/Illustrator : Ricardo Salamanca at Salamagica, Santiago, Chile
Creative director / Art director : Hans Castro Gallo
Operations director : Albaro Ibarra
Copywriter :Roberto Leni
CEO : Nikki Robischon

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118. Pumpkin Candle Holder

Finally my hanging pumpkin cast votive candle holder is glittering with silver wire lead lights.
Was searching all craft and art stores to find something which gives complete look to the holder. And certainly today found these flashy cute wire lead lights in Joann Store and my hand just grabbed it. Now I like this new look on my candle holder.
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106. Hanging Tins

Lastly my embellished tins are hanging on my wall.
Though I planned a thematic project, certainly it turned out to be a themeless decorative piece. Sometimes I break the contact so the whole project looks so different than planned.
Of course it looks good though….
I acclaim myself to carry on with the same spirit from the beginning till the end of any project from now on and not going to mess with the first idea and stick to my first self approved draft.
At all here goes the pics of my recent craft…..

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4. Recalling Childhood Crafts Class

Today was finally able to go and meet Megha, one of my new chit chat mate. Her time pass art took me back to my childhood, where I used to have crafts classes in school. I remember how I used to make sequence of paper dolls, and decorate home and hang them around.

 Her paper cuttings were neat and had professional look. The best thing about them is appropriate color selection. The house is pretty with colorful hangings, photo frames of paper, and paper wall decorators.