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178. The Power of Colour In Your Brand Story



Ever wondered if there is  a colour associated with success in business?

Could use of colour really influence the fortunes of companies, and might it be true that companies of similar size, industry sector or even geography tend to use the same colours in their corporate identity and branding? The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

The evidence comes in a beautiful and elegant piece of graphic design work I stumbled across at the degree show of students from the Central St Martins School of Art in London.  I was blown away by a beatifully-produced display from  Kwang-Hyun (Sean) Ahn from Korea.  The work of his   one-man band called Akha is visible  on


This work builds on some  old ideas. The artist Wassily Kandinsky, during his time as a teacher at the Bauhaus art school, experimented with  associations between pure colours and shapes back in the late…

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177. Modular Tile Design

Modular pattern design seems so simple that many people don’t even consider. Yet its one of the best way of expressing your style. Designing patterns are always endless each can give dramatically a different look and feel.
Till I started doing this modular design project, I was in same perception that it is simple. It is not simple as it looks. Coming up with new and unique design which competes and beats the regular design is challenging. It took almost 8 hours to come up with my final design. Another big challenging part comes in choosing the colors which goes best with each design element of the tile in the same time enhancing each tile. Once after the colors finalised, its really a big task filling the colors with equal and even spread. I used scotch drafting tape to avoid patchy fill. Finally it took 16 hours with breaks to complete the filling part. This is a huge tough project which looks easy and simple.


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157. Emotions

Everyone admit or not have some kind of personal association to colors, like attraction, repulsion, love, hatred etc.
Mood associations, emotional reactions are evidence of meaning of colors….
Red: Exciting, powerful, energetic, passion, love, danger, affection, impulsive
Blue: soothing, tender, cool, calm, confidence
Yellow: Dazzling, cheerful, shallow, destructive
Green: Youthful, hope, nature, poison, danger
Purple: Sedate deceit, misery, dignified, adversity
Fusion of a design with meaning associated with colors brings up to entire different senses. Doing this exercise was brainstorming helping in knowing the exact association of colors with emotions. Seeing so many designs with various emotions and colors was so overpowering.
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16. Timepass Painting

This is a time pass acrylic painting on handmade paper. 
I have not started this paint with any serious intention, initially started drawing circles in circles, finally ended up with this pattern.
Even the colors choosen are random. But when I looked at it, I felt kind of satisfied. 
Some times our efforts comes out in unexpected way. This is one of my favorite painting. I finished it off in a hour. Hope you guys like it.
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10. Multi – Analogous Floral Painting

It is a watercolor painting. Here I used very basic drawing.
First I did multicolor painting. Later duplicated the second one, but using analogous color scheme.

Initially the duplication with analogous did not work out but the second try made possible. I wished to finish these both paintings on single canvas but was not able to do so, maybe I should try again.