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163. It’s Peach Globally

Peachy orange is being one of the spring colors, catching my eyes all over. One of my previous blog post is about peach on beach

It is peachy everywhere.

Peach is the color of newness due to its association with the sun and a new day, new outlook. It is all time spring color and I’m sure that peach is going to dominate this spring/summer too……..


(One of my clicks from Sea World, San Diego)


(Collage of pics I clicked on beach and runway pics from


(pics from

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162. Everyone’s Beloved “Black”

No matter what season it is black clothing or accessories, always will be everyone’s favorite. I find black as facile, flowing and simple, yet open for experimentation and fun when it comes to dressing. I have to admit that black is dominating the campus style. So when this fashioned, gleaming and polished black look rambled across the campus, I had to capture it.