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216. Happy Pongal / Sankranti

One of my favourite festivals is Sankranti. Its a festival of worshiping first crop or harvest of farmers.

Miss those early sankranti mornings  coloring the house fronts with Rangoli. It felt so beautiful to see colorful streets with creative designs.

The another best part of the festival is Ellu Bella (made with sesame seeds, coconuts, peanuts, sugar or jaggery blocks). I feel the taste of sesame seeds really hits on Sankranti time. Offering ellu bella to friends and family & greeting each other with the words “Ellu bella tindu olle matannadi” (Kannada language), is such a sweet gesture on colorful day.

My Sankranti day happened perfect with divine blessings, spicy pongal, delicious sweet pongal and my favourite ellu bella.



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204. Ganesh Festival

Had a blessed and colorful Ganesh festival celebrations. Lil hard part was, where I had to bug darpan to do pooja (worship God). And finally he did a wonderful job….

Hope you all had colorful and happy Ganesh Festival……


It is a big satisfaction, when your dishes turns out perfect….The Naivedyam was perfect on time and was tasting good too……:)




Dressing traditionally during festive times adds perfect ambiance for colorful day…..I Love this saree…



Fun and serious part comes where we have to do ‘Utt Bhaits’ (Hindi word). We do these in asking forgiveness for out mistakes to lord Ganesh. I’m not sure whether the lord he is taking this seriously or not, but I definitely follow this every year to have some fun………:P

I used to make fun of my dad all the time. Now I’m making fun of Darpan. I’m so bad sometimes………..

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198. Raksha Bandhan

“Rakhi” festival of relationships between brothers, sisters, cousins and well wishing soul mates.

I’m missing this auspicious day from years, but of course I send my wishes and rakhi through snail mails.

Though this is not the raksha bandhan day officially, I celebrated it today wishing my all cousins and praying for their well being. And asual every year routine, I tied rakhi to my bestest soul mate GOD(Sai Baba)…..

Wish you all Happy Raksha Bandhan…….


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174. Cinco De Mayo

Had a lovely time in cinco de mayo celebrations @ Anaheim last weekend.

“CINCO DE MAYO” mean May 5 in Spanish, is the Anniversary day of the Battle of Puebla,  national holiday in Mexico in honor of a military victory in 1862 over the French forces of Napoleon III. The day is celebrated in Mexico as celebrations of their victory.

Cinco de Mayo has also become a festive holiday in parts of the United States with large Mexican American populations. Celebrations in the United States often extend beyond the actual day to encompass an entire week, with parades and festivals that include music, dancing, and food.

It was a great exposure to learn about Mexican festive celebrations and their culture. The event reminded me of small fairs held in Indian towns for Ganesh Chaturthi and Desara festival.