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193. Hawaii – 4th Day

What to say about the Polynesian Cultural Center, it is one fantabulous attraction of Hawaii.Had living experience on 4th day @ Wonderful Polynesian Cultural Center with 7 Polynesian cultures, lifestyles and traditions. Blending with island natives in their actual world was amazing.

Spent entire day in this lovely place but never ended up feeling bored. Each hour kept going interesting meeting native Polynesians, learning their unique culture.

Enjoy my pics you guys…….


“HA: Breath of Life” is truly breath taking show in the end of the day and feels as perfect dessert after delicious island dinner.

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192. Hawaii – 3rd Day

This post winds up the 3rd day which is our anniversary in Hawaii. Started the day early with excitement for the special day. As planned started to visit the pearl harbor/US Arizona memorial and it was very touching.

As the time was nearing to reach Hawaiian evening, I was super thrilled for Ali’i Kai Catamaran cruise dinner. Fun filled sunset cruise journey with delicious island flavors was never forgettable. It is something that I’d like to remember about the day for ever.


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191. Hawaii – 2nd Day

Whirled around grand island on second day, learning its beauty and wonders. Explored the wondrous Oahu island from the lavish green mountains to the crystal clear blue waters across the rich & fertile central plain. Astounding island has variety of diversities which makes you feel never forgetting it.


The gigantic Diamond head view is one beautiful spectacle. This volcano symbol is worldwide recognition of Hawaii. Both clicks from different view points and day.


Beautiful view of nuuanu pali lookout has great history of hawaiian battle.


North Shore surfing beaches were so full with competitors for International Surfing Competition which made us stay for very short period.


A monk of Hindu temple, Hawaii owns his part time snack stall. He was so kind to give us free lays.


Waimea bay and Hanauma bay’s had great sights.


A classic view with a twist! We can see the water blow out of a little cave in the rocks. This is one of amazing thing on hanauma bay.


Enjoyed the great view of Chinaman’s hat.


Huge and beautiful Laii temple(mormon temple) believed to protect hawaii.



Exploring pineapple fields was so wonderful. That was the first time I saw the pineapple plants. Yummy and juicy pineapples made our day.


I was so surprised to explore dole plantations. Its so big and beautiful with fresh scent of pineapples.


Enjoyed the awesome waikane tropical views.

(Clicks by me and Darpan and Edited by me)

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190. Hawaii – 1st Day

One of the beautiful places on earth is Hawaii islands. The natural beauty of the islands can mesmerizes anyone. I feel so fortunate to visit such an alluring place on earth.

To celebrate our first wedding anniversary on December 2011, my husband took me to Honolulu (capital city of hawaii). The stay in city for 5 days was so new and refreshing.

First day, we just explored around the hotel we stayed and just relaxed. It was so nice to meet the hawaiian people. They are so kind and welcoming. The weather of the city is magical which makes you impossible to forecast. We carried umbrella all the time with us. As we stayed in 16th floor, I had a great time experiencing pacific ocean’s tidal wind. We just felt so heavenly on first day.