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220. Delicious Jellies

One of the amazing creatures of the ocean are sea jellies. Thought I know about jellies, seeing many types altogether seems beautiful. One cannot imagine how they have life. Their translucent, soft texture, awesome color makes you wonder.

Check out this video i shot from Aquarium of the Pacific.

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217. Thrilled…..

Excited to see my name in Avant Garde Magazine October/November issue (see it here) as a stylist along with Nicole Hernandez.

Thanks to Tauna, Dynamite Editorials for the wonderful opportunity to style Samantha Plantaric in ModTex Photoshoot. Appreciate Therese Marie Photography for wonderful captures.

Behind the scene captures of Modtex Photoshoot from my previous blog post…..




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216. Happy Pongal / Sankranti

One of my favourite festivals is Sankranti. Its a festival of worshiping first crop or harvest of farmers.

Miss those early sankranti mornings  coloring the house fronts with Rangoli. It felt so beautiful to see colorful streets with creative designs.

The another best part of the festival is Ellu Bella (made with sesame seeds, coconuts, peanuts, sugar or jaggery blocks). I feel the taste of sesame seeds really hits on Sankranti time. Offering ellu bella to friends and family & greeting each other with the words “Ellu bella tindu olle matannadi” (Kannada language), is such a sweet gesture on colorful day.

My Sankranti day happened perfect with divine blessings, spicy pongal, delicious sweet pongal and my favourite ellu bella.



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214. Web


One of my fresh sketches which took lengthy time to complete than usual.
Though I had a mood board set earlier, should frankly agree that I hadn’t followed it. This sketch began randomly in coiled self mood and took lots of blocks and ended somehow.
I had referred many references for this sketch when I had a block, but never looked at my earlier mood board.
Sometimes I wonder the way brain works in implementing something. I had planned something but my mind and soul wanted entirely something else. This time I was completely out of control and just followed.
This piece sights spontaneous fluctuations in human and nature elements.

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211. Christmas Lights @ Balboa

One got to go Balboa Island to see Christmas Lights. The lights in island are the best in Orange County. The entire island dazzles with Christmas lights, ‘wow’ing the tourists.

Checking out all the water front homes is one of my favorite part.

Saw all best decorated homes and many of the Christmas Boat Parade participants as we sailed the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade traditional route in cruise.

It feels, all the celebrity houses welcomes the tourists wishing for bright and colorful holidays.

Few of my mobile clicks from cruise.