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165. Knapsack to Kayak

Beautiful time kayaking in the pacific coast near newport beach.

Water being my most enchanting factor in nature, always inspires me.

Being adventures with water is always dreadful and scares to the core. As baby steps, started the kayaking as my first water adventure. As its first time being experimenting with water, had mixed feelings initially but once after sensing the comfortableness, had an alluring time.



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164. YSL: Prêt-à-Porter Coloring, Activity and Inspiration Book

Enchanting news for all fashion students……..”YSL: Prêt-à-Porter Coloring, Activity and Inspiration Book” is available starting 7 May 2013 for $13.

This book provides inside look at Yves Saint Laurent’s sketchbook and designs. The cool thing is it offers space to add your own ideas. To hold this book you need not to be an fashion expertise or something, its an super outlet for anyone with love for fashion, especially YSL.


(photos from

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163. It’s Peach Globally

Peachy orange is being one of the spring colors, catching my eyes all over. One of my previous blog post is about peach on beach

It is peachy everywhere.

Peach is the color of newness due to its association with the sun and a new day, new outlook. It is all time spring color and I’m sure that peach is going to dominate this spring/summer too……..


(One of my clicks from Sea World, San Diego)


(Collage of pics I clicked on beach and runway pics from


(pics from

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162. Everyone’s Beloved “Black”

No matter what season it is black clothing or accessories, always will be everyone’s favorite. I find black as facile, flowing and simple, yet open for experimentation and fun when it comes to dressing. I have to admit that black is dominating the campus style. So when this fashioned, gleaming and polished black look rambled across the campus, I had to capture it.




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161.Pantone Colors Spring 2013

“Pantone”, the lead color announcer for the fashion industry all over the world for over 20 years, has announced Pantone Spring 2013 colors. This season’s colors: emerald green, dusk blue, jade, grass green, violet, lemon, linen, navy blue, and orange.

Look to your wardrobe closet and freshen up with spring colors……



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160. Kid Creature

“Kid Creature”, a tagline below the free hand drawing art over t-shirts struck my eyes when I was in Yoki Shop.
Heard a quite inspiring story of a 12 year old making his own line “Kid Creature” with his hand art drawings which are purely of his own imaginations. Each drawings over T-shirt shows his own way of expression. His line has been sold in few of the boutiques and retail stores.
He wants to donate 10% of the profit on all of his Kid Creature sales to help fight against cystic fibrosis. 
For more info, visit his web site,
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159. Growing Clothes

“Growing our own cloths”, sounds so astounding…….and Yes it is possible.
Designer Suzanne Lee talks about her experiments with kombucha-based materials, which she uses as fabric and vegetable leather for clothing.
For more info, visit her web site,biocouture. She’s a Senior Research Fellow at Central Saint Martins in London.
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158. Yoki Shop, I mean It

It was a great experience doing the store installation @ Yoki Shop.
The shop is cute located across the street of Newport Beach.
The store carries  vintage, surf and high fashion using overstock fabrics and trims to create unique, one-of-a-kind garments. They make new pieces every day which looks fresh and new. The store has a story and their designs have a story. The store is a great inspiration for kids, young designers and adults.
Yoki means Good in Japanese so the store is.

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157. Emotions

Everyone admit or not have some kind of personal association to colors, like attraction, repulsion, love, hatred etc.
Mood associations, emotional reactions are evidence of meaning of colors….
Red: Exciting, powerful, energetic, passion, love, danger, affection, impulsive
Blue: soothing, tender, cool, calm, confidence
Yellow: Dazzling, cheerful, shallow, destructive
Green: Youthful, hope, nature, poison, danger
Purple: Sedate deceit, misery, dignified, adversity
Fusion of a design with meaning associated with colors brings up to entire different senses. Doing this exercise was brainstorming helping in knowing the exact association of colors with emotions. Seeing so many designs with various emotions and colors was so overpowering.
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156. Kumare

Vikram Gandhi’s movie Kumare, a story of belief as it quoted in the beginning of movie
“Faith begins as an experiment and ends as an experience”
The movie begins with Vikram’s simple motive of tricking people with his fake avatar as Kumare Guru and as the movie goes it creates strong impact on Vikram’s own self.
Movie feels so cynical in the beginning and as it goes it makes you think.
I always wondered how the fake gurus are surviving and able to create such strong followers. After watching Kumare, I almost got all answers.