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157. Emotions

Everyone admit or not have some kind of personal association to colors, like attraction, repulsion, love, hatred etc.
Mood associations, emotional reactions are evidence of meaning of colors….
Red: Exciting, powerful, energetic, passion, love, danger, affection, impulsive
Blue: soothing, tender, cool, calm, confidence
Yellow: Dazzling, cheerful, shallow, destructive
Green: Youthful, hope, nature, poison, danger
Purple: Sedate deceit, misery, dignified, adversity
Fusion of a design with meaning associated with colors brings up to entire different senses. Doing this exercise was brainstorming helping in knowing the exact association of colors with emotions. Seeing so many designs with various emotions and colors was so overpowering.
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142. Extension Drawing

When I started this project, was not so confident. But as it is completed I was so satisfied.
The drawing supposed to be non object, abstract and can be a theme.
I took pieces of magazine with high contrast and tried to develop a drawing with a theme in 4” / 4” square. Certainly it took two days to complete the project.
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107. Scrap

A scrap from my long back scrap case……….
It was so fun doing night outs to finish the design assignment and go 15min late every day to the class.
Ohhww I miss my college night out days…..
This is one of my hair style sketches done in the chilled winter tardy nights @ the corridors of JSS hostel in mysore………. 
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96. Web

One of my fresh sketches which took lengthy time to complete than usual.
Though I had a mood board set earlier, should frankly agree that I hadn’t followed it. This sketch began randomly in coiled self mood and took lots of blocks and ended somehow.
I had referred many references for this sketch when I had a block, but never looked at my earlier mood board.
Sometimes I wonder the way brain works in implementing something. I had planned something but my mind and soul wanted entirely something else. This time I was completely out of control and just followed.
This piece sights spontaneous fluctuations in human and nature elements.
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44. TIki in Owl

Tikis are symbol of luck. It is said that if you own a tiki, you are blessed with luck, its a Polynesian Culture. The tikis are carvings of humanoid forms but they are scary.
Back in Bangalore, I got a Tiki which was gifted by a friend, I liked the style and design but never gave much attention in learning what it is.
When I visited Hawaii in 2011 winter, was fascinated by the carvings of multifarious tiki statues. More than ever, tikis strike me in that trip. I kinda liked its significance and bought one wooden carved tiki to accompany me @ home. It is hanged on my wall just opposite to main entrance. I’m planning to write about tikis in my blog sometime too.

Lately a thought just struck, “if the tiki is inside own, is it still a good luck?” and started doodling with same motif. Hope you like it.

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39. Freebie Pase Doodle

Sometimes a piece of work comes without preparation. A proper mood, a piece of paper and pencil fills the plane canvas with some beautiful design. Finally that scrap conveys assumptions to our sense, but here it reflects my emotions, my thoughts of that moment.
This scrap becomes one of the memorable times when I look back in future. My each page of sketchbook is filled with such many moment and one can see my all inner shades while flipping the pages.
Here comes one of such doodle which reflected recently on my sketchbook leaf.
I wanted to design mine and Darpan’s name, but later chose to design first letters of our names. I kinda in very good mood that fine Sunday, and I finished it in few hours.
Hope you like it.