I’m Shweza

Hello all! I’m Shwetha.

I’m a fashion Designer, pattern maker, 3d generalist and a freelancer, currently pursuing my specialisation in Fashion Merchandising.

I find myself awakening with art, design, culture, nature, music, people. Here goes my small blog expressing me, encouraging and inspiring readers through my inspirations.



12 thoughts on “I’m Shweza

  1. Hey Shwetha, thanks for checking out my website. Your interests in fashion and pattern sound awesome. Do you post your work on here at all or on any other websites?? I’d love to check it out. I do mainly photography and graphic design with some collage as art forms and you can definitely see some of my work at behance.net/alexanderjohnny if you so desire. Haven’t seen too much of your blog here yet but those hiking photos are really cool with the sunset.

    Take care.


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